• Bionic Hand
    Project Bionic Hand is a remotely controlled robotic arm that imitates the motion of a glove, worn by the user. The glove relies on two main components: strain gauges that detect movement from the finger by changing its electrical resistance when strain is applied to them and a microcontroller that detects a change in the … Read more
  • Pure Campus
    Project Pure Campus is a solar-powered air purifier designed to improve the air quality on campus. The on-board weather station measures data such as CO2 concentration, humidity levels and other relevant data. It also offers a seating area for passersby. The focus this semester is on building a functioning prototype as a scale model. This … Read more
  • Project vS.L.A.M
    Project vS.L.A.M. is an autonomous car that detects objects using the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology. Objects are detected by a camera module that calculates their relative position and transfers it to the control unit. Control unit translates the relative position of an object to the absolute coordinates of the system, maps the object … Read more
  • Repair Café
    Our makers are constantly repairing their stuff with nifty solutions. They use their tools from the MakerLab or create for example replacement parts with their 3D printers. On this site we want to show you some repair projects and we will add more content as soon as the members repair something. We also want to … Read more